Unsightly moss falling from your roof? It could also be damaging your roof! Let us take care of it with our professional Roof Cleaning Service.


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If your roof is saturated with moss, weathering and left over bird nests, it will cause moss to fill gutters and litter the floor around your property. It could also be damaging your roof tiles!

Our Roof Cleaning Service will prevent this from happening.

Professionally cleaning your property’s roof, will ensure that your gutters remain clear for longer, saving you money and avoiding any potential damages.

Pro Cleaning Torbay are professionals in exterior cleaning and will safely clean your roof. We remove all large moss build ups, which could potentially fall from the roof or into guttering and cause problems down the line.

All gutters and floors are cleaned, after the works are completed, all waste removed and taken away.

Pro Cleaning Torbay are an established and family run business providing Professional Roof Cleaning Services. Covering Torquay, Paignton, Brixham and South Devon.

Safety First

A site visit is essential for any properties roof cleaning. We will need to ensure we have sufficient access to the property. As part of the access process, we will use scaffold towers and a full harness with restraints. A full risk assessment will be completed.

With our Roof Cleaning Service, we offer two options:

Option 1:

Manual removal of large moss deposits and growth, remove approximately 95% off all moss build up.

Option 2:

Manual removal of large moss deposits and growth, remove approximately 95% off all moss build up. With our recommended biocide treatment, which continues the roof cleaning process, long after we have left.

We only used contractor approved bio chemicals to ensure we are fully insured whilst on your property. As these chemicals do not bio accumulate, this is the safest way to clean your roof. We will apply the biocide in a softwashing format, Blocking downpipes to prevent chemical entering drains.

The product is left to do its work, Over the next few months You will start to see a huge difference in the cleaning process remainder of the moss and lichen (yellow and white) will die off.

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